Transparency Commitment

This page describes DEXTF’s use of tokens, partners and investors associated with the project.

DEXTF is committed to realise a very ambitious plan with a long term view with respect to the success of DEXTF Protocol and our role in supporting it. In an effort to provide transparency to our community, we are pleased to provide the public a breakdown of current token holdings and any token sales.

To date, we have not completed nor we are planning to run any private token sale to the public or to accredited investors.

Purpose of DEXTF governance token

  • $DEXTF is an ERC-20 token

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 DEXTF tokens (50% locked for at least 18 months)

  • 1-to-1 voting rights (only through delegation, also to self)

  • Minimum holding to submit proposals is 0.1% of total supply (100,000 DEXTF).

  • 5% quorum (5,000,000 DEXTF) has to be reached for proposals to be included in the time-lock (minimum of 7 days need to pass for proposal implementation).

Allocation breakdown:



$DEXTF allocation


XTF fund tokens Portfolio Managers and Investors*

25,000,000 (25%)


XTF liquidity mining program*

25,000,000 (25%)


DEXTF team for platform development

30,000,000 (30%)


Allocation to be defined by community through governance

15,000,000 (15%)



5,000,000 (5%)


Public Token Sales

0 (0%)


Private Token Sales**

0 (0%)

*Streamed to individual smart contracts via Sablier. $DEXTF to be claimed by the user

**No investor has been awarded any $DEXTF tokens as part of the funding.