XTF Manager & Investor Rewards (May)

All funds with positive AUM are eligible for the monthly rewards. Please note that a fund with a single token weighting more than 50% will have its AUM halved when ranked against other funds.

Each Rewards' accrual cycle for Portfolio Managers (PMs)

START: 1st of the month (M) @ 00:00 UTC END: Last day of the month (M) @ 23:59 UTC

Rewards' streaming cycle for PMs

START: 1st of the following month (M+1) @ 00:00 UTC END: 90 days after the start date

Users can choose to claim the rewards daily or wait until the end of M+4 to fully claim the rewards.

For the latest daily accruals please refer to the following snapshot

📆Starting 1st May 2021 the rewards are as follows:

INVESTORS will accrue 12,000 $DEXTF tokens daily based on Investor_SumOfFund_AUM / Total_Fund_AUM . All investments (through the Dapp or DEXs) are eligible for rewards.

PORTFOLIO MANAGERS will receive 3,200 $DEXTF tokens daily based on Fund_AUM / Total_Fund_AUM. In addition a yearly allocation of 1.2m $DEXTF tokens will be allocated based on Fund$_Performance / Total_Fund$_Performance.

JUNE 2021 Accruals

May 2021

Here are the monthly rewards to portfolio managers (XTF fund creators) and investors.

Rewards are going to be streamed starting over 90 days and can be claimed daily using the Sablier App.

Token balances greater than $DEXTF 3,000 will be streamed over Sablier, less than 3,000 will be airdropped to wallet at the end of the vesting period (2 months).