XTF Manager & Investor Rewards (Aug)

All funds with positive AUM are eligible for the monthly rewards. Please note that a fund with a single token weighting more than 50% will have its AUM halved when ranked against other funds.

Each Rewards' accrual cycle for Portfolio Managers (PMs)

START: 1st of the month (M) @ 00:00 UTC END: Last day of the month (M) @ 23:59 UTC

Rewards' streaming cycle for PMs

START: 1st of the following month (M+1) @ 00:00 UTC END: 90 days after the start date

Users can choose to claim the rewards daily or wait until the end of M+4 to fully claim the rewards.

For the latest daily accruals please refer to the following snapshot

📆Starting 1st May 2021 the rewards are as follows:

INVESTORS will accrue 12,000 $DEXTF tokens daily based on Investor_SumOfFund_AUM / Total_Fund_AUM . All investments (through the Dapp or DEXs) are eligible for rewards.

PORTFOLIO MANAGERS will receive 3,200 $DEXTF tokens daily based on Fund_AUM / Total_Fund_AUM. In addition a yearly allocation of 1.2m $DEXTF tokens will be allocated based on Fund$_Performance / Total_Fund$_Performance.